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A Scenic Survey to understand the needs of customers

10/07/21 in Blogs
by Chris Brown

Scenic Luxury Cruises and Tours customer survey case study: Understanding what’s most important when planning a cruise.

We recently delivered a customer survey for Scenic Luxury Cruises and Tours. Our STREETWISE process is all about being guided by insight. With any of our client’s objectives, we ensure they’re wise to challenges ahead and give them the tools they need to tackle them.

We always encourage our clients to survey their customers. If we understand what motivates a purchase, we can better develop a proposition which will effectively resonate and sell. Brazil Street can help build, send and analyse customer surveys to improve marketing effectiveness. As with everything we do, the focus is always on improving ROI.


Choosing a cruise isn’t easy, there are so many operators, destinations, facilities and inclusions to consider. Scenic Luxury Cruises and Tours are no ordinary cruise operator. Their new Ocean Discovery Yacht sails to the world’s most stunning locations. Scenic’s ships are packed with unique selling points; from onboard submarines (yes you heard that right!), helicopters, a choice of 10 dining experiences and a world leading spa, to name just a few.

The challenge that faced our clients was clear: what do customers value the most, or least? With so much to say to consumers about their offering, it was vital to best distil the elements of that really invite customers to the brand. This will prove vital in informing messaging, and creating a hierarchy of communication.

As a global brand, we also needed to understand how this might change from one global territory to another. Do Australians value gastronomical adventures more than exclusive experiences? Does the UK market want to explore the polar regions or go island hoping in the Caribbean? We could find these answers in the data.

We quickly set to work so we could offer clear, actionable insight.


Extracting data from Scenic’s CRM, we segmented this data into different global markets. We also wanted to understand how existing customers and new enquiries motivations might be different, so added additional layers of segmentation to spot any trends in responses.

We worked to plan the survey, the flighting and data capture. Once we interrogated the data, we produced a single, simple document. This document summarised WHAT customers value the most when choosing a holiday, WHERE in the world they want to go and WHEN they expect to be travelling.

Some of our findings were reassuringly predictable, and some were a real surprise. This insight enables us to better plan media strategies and communication which more effectively sell the unrivalled holiday experience.


Nichola Absalom, Global Brand Director, said:

The Brazil Street team are just the best. Their recent work in analysing the results of an important global customer survey for us was delivered in a professional, structured and easy to use format and as always, turned around in record time. Their talents are endless.

Nichola Absalom, Global Brand Director, Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours

Brazil St
10/07/21 in Blogs
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