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Grosvenor Mobility : Fierce Growth Ambitions

13/04/22 in Blogs
by holly hall

Grosvenor Mobility turned to us to support their fierce growth ambitions; keen to lean on our expertise in delivering effective campaigns.

Grosvenor Mobility have an excellent reputation in the industry – having worked in tandem with this client for several years, we put ourselves at the centre of their business helping us to identify where we need to go to next. Brazil Street have been there from day 1 when Grosvenor Mobility first launched into a busy marketplace in 2017.

Then, they were spending c.£850k across off-line, non-broadcast media environments – to present day, where they have grown exponentially, spending more than double their annual spend across various channels.

As a Business, Grosvenor have aggressive growth ambitions. With a hard ROI & sales target linked to media, it’s essential our plans deliver. In 2021, Grosvenor had a huge revenue target to hit, which they wanted to achieve with a modest media budget to drive.



Grosvenor Mobility operate in a heavy competitive landscape; Oak Tree Mobility, to mention one, are very dominant in the market spending c.£6m per annum. But Grosvenor have a USP that competitors simply can’t come close to;

  • Consumer needs at the heart of what they do. Their 5-star customer rating on Trustpilot & strapline ‘Everyone deserves comfort’ is testament to this.
  • Each product is truly bespoke, and tailor made, completely unique to that consumer.
  • Grosvenor cannot be rivalled on timings.

We wanted to take advantage of the increased stay at home audience due to the pandemic. But to drive growth, we needed to seek out new platforms & opportunities to support this

The objective was simple: create more quality leads from exploring new channels.



Our mission was simple; we knew we had to create quality leads, with the help of these new channels. Our solution was therefore simple – a solid strategy that harnessed;

  • Reactive tactics.
  • Attracting new audiences (through new channels).
  • Single minded focusing on where it mattered most through targeted reach.

Aligning with Grosvenor’s ‘everyone deserves comfort’ strapline, TV was the perfect channel to support this. Our audience’s best friend during locked in times. We utilised daytime linear TV, making the most of lower, more efficient CPTs.

Alongside this, we partnered with STV, to sponsor Judge Rinder Crime Stories. We knew Scotland was a prime region for us & developed perfect synergy through an ‘All Rise’ themed creative



The results we saw overall were extremely promising, concluding in a very successful AV test across both linear & sponsorship. As such Grosvenor are currently seeking longer term Sponsorship opportunities, as well as just completing a dedicated 4-day shoot, with a long-term AV strategy in mind. Proof that Grosvenor are committed to invest further in TV following this campaign’s success

  • During the campaign period, we tracked substantial revenue from our TV activity alone.
  • From an ROI perspective – given our small spend across Linear, our cost of sale was at 20% – a fabulous result given the revenue generated.
  • Our Sponsorship generated more Scottish website visits and actions vs. the two weeks prior & post to the sponsorship airing – almost doubling vs. other regions.
  • Significantly more revenue generated in Scotland alone during STV sponsorships.


UK Sales Director, Andrew Walkinshaw said:

We have been using Brazil Street for a number of years now and our relationship has grown from strength to strength. We happily put our trust in this team when it comes to advertising and media and would highly recommend anyone to do the same.


Check out our case study video here. If you’d like to explore how we can help you meet big business growth ambitions, get in touch.

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13/04/22 in Blogs


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