Cost Effective Leads: Amplifon Third Party Inserts Case Study

Third Party Insert Case Study: Amplifon

30/07/21 in Blogs
by Pete Greenhalgh

We connected Amplifon to highly relevant third party brands, resulting in high quality, cost efficient leads.

Third party insert case study for global hearing aid provider, Amplifon. 

When it comes to planning the right media for your objectives, we keep it simple.

Our STREETMAP process is about getting to the most straightforward solution to achieving your business objectives using the perfect blend of acquisition and retention channels.

Simple, but effective.


With over 70 years’ experience and a network of approximately 11,000 points of sale, in 28 countries, Amplifon is a global hearing health specialist.

With the NHS hearing services available to the whole UK population, it’s important for private service providers like Amplifon to maintain a consistent stream of leads into their businesses.

Like many in their sector, Amplifon were seeing cost per leads from lead generation channels creep up. As a result, Amplifon challenged us to find innovative and cost efficient lead generation environments.

We set to work.


Many of our clients see great returns from third party inserts. As many of our clients have target audiences that align to Amplifon’s, we instinctively had a handful of environments that were highly likely to drive returns. Amplifon were keen to test these, as they knew how well these environments were working for our current clients.

We find that a third party insert can perform well for clients. A less familiar brand (the advertiser) is presented in the environment of a brand they already trust. Because of this, a third party insert in this environments provides a perceived endorsement and validation. 17 million individuals in the UK have increased their online shopping during lockdown. This behaviour is likely to continue long-term. This makes third party inserts in product despatch and catalogues a prime opportunity to take advantage of.

Secondly, we explored the full roster of opportunities and their customer bases. In doing so, we identified new and interesting brands whose audiences aligned well with Amplifon’s. We also ensured that we considered average order value to find opportunities that well matched Amplifon’s target audience and price range.

We set to work getting a small test live.


We used our ROI expertise to recommend the best ways for Amplifon to track and measure the impact and performance of the third party insert activity on their business metrics.

Our Attribute reporting process has regularly been implemented to ensure the Amplifon team have a clear and concise understanding at all times on how this channel is driving revenue and delivering cost efficient leads.

Amplifon felt the benefit of third party inserts within eight weeks of activity, seeing an impressive offline only cost per lead of £32. We find cost per leads often half when taking into account web uplift too, which these figures don’t.

Some of the brands that we used achieved an impressive ROI of 2:9 to 1.

As a highly scalable channel, many of our clients use this as a monthly return on investment driver. To do this, we expand the range of third party brands they work with and the volume that they target within each.


Claire Gilligan, Brand, Media and Advertising Manager at Amplifon UK said:

“We’re really enjoying working with Brazil Street on finding new environments for driving leads into our business. Their brilliant knowledge of our target audience, and response focused media, yielded great results. Plus, we have a great relationship with Hannah and Becky”


If you’d like to learn more about how third party inserts could work for you, please get in touch.

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