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Grosvenor Mobility Pay Per Click Case Study

08/09/21 in Blogs
by Pete Greenhalgh

Brazil Street delivers highly efficient pay per click advertising. Read on to find out more about how we used PPC activity to deliver impressive returns for Grosvenor Mobility.

When it comes to planning the right media for your objectives, we keep it simple.

Our STREETMAP process is about getting to the most straightforward solution to achieving your business objectives using the perfect blend of acquisition and retention channels.

Simple, but effective.


Grosvenor Mobility operate in a competitive market selling rise and recline chairs and adjustable beds.

Digital advertising channels have, and continue to be, an increasingly big lead generation opportunity. However, these channels have also become increasingly competitive, in particular pay per click advertising.

With cost per clicks and cost per leads rising sharply Grosvenor Mobility turned to Brazil Street. They wanted improved efficiency and ultimately growth from their PPC advertising. They also craved a solution to accurately attribute sales and measure return on investment from PPC campaigns.

So, we set to work.


We quickly decided an account restructure was required. We needed a PPC account that was easy to optimise and then scale. The new structure gave us agility. And better segmentation of keywords created more relevancy, higher quality scores, higher ad rank and improved efficiency almost immediately.

In tandem we began building a completely bespoke end-to-end digital tracking solution. This would allow us to attribute sales back to individual keywords. We could then use this data to optimise PPC campaigns and deliver improved returns.

With budget focused on only the better performing keywords Grosvenor Mobility would soon be enjoying an improved overall click through rate, a better conversion rate, a reduced cost per lead and greater return on investment.


Our end-to-end digital tracking solution is allowing us to successfully attribute as much as 78% of sales initiated by a website enquiry. Grosvenor Mobility now have visibility of their PPC advertising returns, right down to individual keyword. They now confidently growing their investment in PPC, and indeed other digital channels.

Non brand PPC campaigns are delivering a tracked cost of sale of just 18%, which is a very profitable return on investment. PPC continues to be a growing and increasingly important part of their business.

If your PPC spend isn’t delivering the return you’d like, let’s do something about it. Get in touch with us today. 

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08/09/21 in Blogs


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