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The all important media strategy framework

23/09/21 in Blogs
by Hannah Campbell

We pride ourselves of effective media strategy at Brazil Street. Read on to find out what a media strategy framework is, and why you need one.

Media strategy doesn’t need to be complicated. Often you’ll hear about media strategy as a complicated, difficult to understand part of media planning. Whilst the craft of good media strategy does take years to hone, that doesn’t mean when we put it in front of our clients needs to sound like wizardry.

We make the complex easy to understand.

Complex strategies and media jargon create confusion. Effective media planning and buying can be straightforward when you leave these behind.

Good media strategy is the key to achieving your advertising objectives.

We call ours a media framework.


A media framework is a map of how media can be used to hit certain objectives.

It typically outlines the different roles for media, and the media channels which will do these roles effectively.

Not one media framework is the same. In short, each aspect should be tailored to the behaviours of the target audience, the advertiser’s market and the advertiser’s brand.

Often media strategy will have an overarching name or statement that defines what media needs to do.

The first step to effective media strategy is to break down the context of the media spend. This is why we simplify everything you need to know about audiences, markets and brands during our STREETWISE process. Each step uses industry accredited tools; whether we use BARB to understand what the TV landscape looks like or sophisticated profiling through the likes of Experian Mosaic. 

Then, we map out the most straightforward solution to achieving your business objectives using the perfect blend of acquisition and retention channels.

Simple, but effective.


Poorly planned media rarely delivers positive results.

A solid understanding of where your target audience are consuming media, what your competitors are doing and what your brand’s point of difference is vital. With this, you can supercharge your use of media.

Secondly, we use our ROI expertise to recommend the best media in order to hit your business metrics. Our reporting process ensures you’ve got a clear and concise understanding at all times on how the chosen media channels are driving revenue and delivering an efficient cost per sale.

At Brazil Street, we share the route to successful strategy and it’s beautifully simple.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can create a media framework for you, get in touch.

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23/09/21 in Blogs
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