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Challenger creative: challenge us, to challenge you

16/08/21 in Blogs
by Chris Brown

Challenger creative at Brazil Street – Creative that’s as impactful as the planning is an important part of our bigger picture.

The hardest working adverts take time to craft. To see where you can tweak and improve your creative, or even push it to the next level, we’ll compare variations of your adverts and what your competitors are doing. We call this process challenger creative. We’ll work out what performs well, and what doesn’t.  This results-driven transformation can really help you identify your USP and how to best land your brand messages.

Put our creativity to the test by challenging us to improve your creative. Sometimes, fresh eyes and creative minds can take your designs and concepts to the next level – and we want to get you there. We’ll outline exactly what we’ve changed and why and we’ll deliver AB testing to prove what really works.

There’s three key elements we use as a starting point…


So you’ve got a brilliant product bursting with a whole host of benefits. When it comes to telling potential customers about it, it can be a bit of a minefield knowing exactly which benefits to include in your messaging. Maybe you include too many and the consumer is overwhelmed, or maybe you don’t include the ones that really make your target audience tick.

That’s why we start with your audience. Using a data first approach, we get under the skin of exactly what it is that make your target audience tick. Using this insight, we can then advise which elements of your fantastic offering are most likely to engage your target audience, immediately.


When it comes to getting the best response for your advertising, it all comes down to call to action. What exactly do you want your target audience to do, and how easy are you making it for them to complete that action?

Through our years of expertise in response advertising, we’re best placed to shake up your current approach to messaging and suggest new ways to get those all important responses out of your target audience. We have refined messaging for lots of our clients, including Sofas by Saxon, Derian House and Your Coop Little Pioneers.

Our expertise in tracking and reporting means we support our clients with a wealth of ways to track not only how their media is performing, but how consumers are responding to ads. This might seem like a simple step but the data we can get hold of and use to inform future media placement and creative is invaluable.


Eye tracking technology is a really valuable tool in understanding where a person is looking when they come into contact with an advert. Using this technology, we’re able to understand the presence, attention and focus on the audience when they’re looking at your creative.

The unique insight from using this technology allows us to not only move away from assumption around what your target audience will engage with, but allows us to test and compare concepts. We can get answers on whether your ad captures attention and engages viewers the way you want it to as well as which elements are seen or ignored, how they resonate with your audience, and what effect they have on brand recall and purchase intent.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can deliver challenger creative for you, get in touch.

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16/08/21 in Blogs


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