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Developing assets to strengthen campaigns

05/05/22 in Blogs
by holly hall

Grosvenor Mobility had been running with the same assets since 2019. To ensure they were still seen as relevant, we were keen to revive and develop these, giving them a new lease of life. 



Brazil Street took the role of managing the process from the initial idea right through to the end result. A team effort was instrumental here, ensuring everybody was joined up at each stage.

The first step was to engage a production company. There was an array of different ideas but we ended the hunt by partnering with Space City. An award-winning TV commercials production company with facilities based in London and Manchester. There was an initial call with all relevant parties, giving the opportunity to throw various ideas around. Ensuring we were all on the same page as to how and what we wanted from the shoot.



With the core purpose of asset development, we decided on having three shoots. Two video and one photo.

The first video shoot was based in Birmingham at Repose Furniture. This is the factory where Grosvenor Mobility’s chairs are lovingly handmade specifically for customers size & measurements. Demonstrating the process of how the chairs are handcrafted from start to finish was the purpose of this. Made in Britain would be a key spotlight. We portrayed the cutting of the wood, adding the springs, the slicing of the foam and leathers/materials. Concluding in it all being put together to the create the beautiful, finished product.

The second video shoot went alongside the photoshoot, with a full schedule planned in a lavish South London Home. We decided to shoot in a live location as it replicated a more real-life feel, as well as allowing us to design the set in any way we wanted.

We offered input for every photo and clip shot, as well as the set-up of each room and set design. This allowed us to carefully select the best product from Grosvenor’s portfolio to coincide with each set.

To compliment and really bring the brand to life, we thought a perfect addition was to have key stakeholders from Grosvenor Mobility talking on camera directly to the customer. This increased engagement and created more of a friendly feel. Each script was carefully crafted by us to make sure each aspect of the business was captured succinctly.

Brazil Street were there as a voice of the client, directing and offering feedback throughout. From seeing the results, the careful consideration clearly paid off.



A key motive behind the shoot was to design a shiny, sleek new brochure. We revamped the Grosvenor Mobility brochure back in 2019 with a glossier design and in a landscape format for the first time. For this updated feel, we felt it more appropriate to return to a portrait layout. This ensured we were portraying the new product images & range that had never been shot before in the very best way.

Alongside brochure creation, we utilised the new video shoot to create a brand-new TV advert. This has immediately been rotated into a current TV sponsorship Grosvenor are running, as it was received so well. Having these new assets at the ready supports various live conversations we’re having around TV as a more permanent solution in our media plans.

From the interviews filmed with two of the three directors at Grosvenor Mobility, we created ‘Director Cuts’ that will sit alongside relevant website content. These will coincide with the key aspects they’re talking about (products, free home trail & a reassuring message offering peace of mind).

Finally, the online and offline creative asset development is currently underway. Whereby we will be swapping out the old images with the new and improved. This allows us to adapt the layout, creating a more polished version.

A thoroughly enjoyable process, with a considered, positive, and constantly evolving outcome.



If you’d like to explore how we can help you with asset development, get in touch.

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