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Creating the best audio for your brand

12/01/22 in Blogs
by holly hall

At Brazil Street, you can count on us to create the best audio for your brand. Here’s three ways you can create brilliant content.

With the rise of streaming services and digital audio, audio platforms have grown exponentially in the last five years. Having an audio ad that hits the mark and makes your target audience sit up and listen isn’t always easy. Often brands have so much to say, and without the visual aid of video the pull can be to try and cram everything into one ad.

Audio’s one to one communication has great benefits though. Often listeners will be engaging with advertising in an intimate, personal setting. Thanks to the growth of programmatic audio, often ads are nestled within content they love and are passionate about. Research also shows that audio ads can be more impactful against metrics such as brand recall, purchase intent and information seeking intent.

So, how to get it right? Today we’re sharing three ways that you can approach audio creative to get the most out of your advertising.

Understand your audience

Before you rush to the studio to choose your voice model, music and messaging, first think of your target audience. Engaging in insight and research projects with us can be a great way of truly understanding what matters to your target audience. We can develop succinct, easy to understand profiles for your target audience.  What are their motivations and pain points? How can your brand solve these?

Once you really understand your target audience, you’ll have strong foundations to create your audio ad. This knowledge can inform everything from the voices you choose, to the way you frame your products. Audio has an opportunity to create a powerful emotional connection with the listener. When audio ads feel hyper relevant, the audience is more likely to engage with, and remember, your ad.

Keep it simple

With audio ads, there’s often a limited amount of time to get across your key messages. Starting with a clear, concise script and a handful of key messages that you want to get across is a great first step. If you don’t know where to start, don’t panic! Our expert teams can craft a brilliant audio script using anything from existing creative assets to press releases. Our briefing process is easy and quick.

The process of writing scripts allows us to keep things simple for the listener at the end of the ad. It also helps us determine important factors such as ad length, tone and the call to action.

Use a CTA

With any advertising, a strong CTA can be the difference between getting results and not. Letting the listener knowing exactly what you’d like them to be doing gives your ad great purpose and direction. It also helps the consumer by giving them the next step in their journey. A call to action that’s clear, easy and benefits the client and is essential to driving action or results.


We’d love to help you create compelling content, get in touch.

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12/01/22 in Blogs
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