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Three reasons to implement customer mapping

19/04/22 in Blogs
by Hannah Campbell

Customer mapping is a form of visualising data. For many, customer mapping is a vital tactic for communication planning and customer engagement.

We can create highly visual maps which bring your customer location data to life. Many clients have a gold mine of customer data. However, lack of resource or tools often mean this data sits unused.

When customer data is used well, it enhances customer’s experiences of your brand. In addition to this, it can be a vital tool in growing your business.

Still need more convincing? Here’s three reasons why customer mapping is worthwhile…

Customer mapping improves effectiveness.

When you have a view of where your customers are, it can make media buying more effective.

The maps highlight areas of high customer concentration. Excluding areas of high concentration from the delivery of conquest campaigns can reduce wastage.

When we limit wastage in campaigns, we can ensure your advertising budget is spent reaching the right people. Often this means the return on your advertising spend is higher.

Customer mapping improves relationships.

In campaigns where you want to deliver bespoke and targeted messages to your customers, customer mapping is key.

When we have a view of where your customers are, we can be hyper targeted in reaching them with messages that feel unique to them.

Adding value to their lives and rewarding them for being customers means they’re more likely to return.

Customer mapping can supercharge growth.

Mapping can also can be a useful way of finding lookalike consumers.

By understanding your current customer behaviour, we can build a picture and use this to find people that look and behave like your customers. This insight is highly useful when compared to current customer penetration.

By understanding where large pools of lookalike customers live, we can zoom in on these areas, avoiding hotspots for existing customers.

We can use existing segmentation too. Whether you work with Experian Mosaic, CACI Acorn or have your own segmentation, you can trust the visuals you see will be concise and easy to understand.

If you’d like to explore more about this service, contact us today.

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