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Why should I be considering cinema advertising?

30/01/22 in Blogs
by Hannah Campbell

Cinema advertising, for many brands, has been seen as a ‘nice to have’. Today we’re busting the myths and exploring how great it can be.

Cinema often gets pigeonholed as an ‘awareness channel’. This is despite pulling it’s weight with the likes of brand consideration, sales uplift and brand action.

With years of research supporting the addition of cinema advertising to the plan, it’s time to pay attention to this savvy medium.

What opportunities are available in the cinema?

Cinema advertising has many different buying routes. From delivering small, localised campaigns on a handful of screens, to national campaigns supporting one key film release, the opportunities are endless.

Standard cinema advertising sits within the ad reel, back to back before film trailers. For many audiences, these adverts are a key part of the cinema experience.

There are also premium spots that advertisers can access for a heightened price. The bronze spot is in a fixed position at the very end of the main ad reel.

Just before the film trailers you can find the silver spot. The gold spot is the last 60 second advert before the main feature, and after the trailers.

How can Brazil Street buy cinema advertising?

Depending on your brand, our expert planners will recommend the best buying route. We can access a variety of buying routes. Buying routes are highly tailored to both your target audience and product.

For example, if you are an alcohol brand, then it’s likely we’d recommend an Alcohol Audience Guaranteed Package (AGP). With this route, your brand is only shown to films that provide 75% coverage of 18+ audiences. The Cinema Advertising Association (CAA) approves all films.

Alternatively, a film package might be best. This allows your brand to gain powerful association with the hype and excitement around an eagerly anticipated release.

We can also work with you to explore physical advertising opportunities. This can include outdoor formats within the cinema building, branding of popcorn boxes and more!

There’s also a wealth of niche, independent and outdoor cinema providers.

These offer wider event and sampling sponsorship opportunities for relevant brands. These interactive and engaging partnerships really bring your brand to life in a tangible way.

Will it drive results?

Whilst frequency of viewing is much lower than that of TV or online video, cinema can deliver double the amount of impact.

Cinema creates exponential improvement in perception of brands. This includes emotional (I love this brand) through to rational (I want to buy this brand).

When used as part of a multi-screen AV strategy, cinema can enhance and grow brand consideration much more than if TV or online video are used in isolation.

As a media, it can position your brand in front of hard to reach audiences who are less engaged with other media.

It’s not just brand metrics that cinema shifts either. Cinema delivers both return on investment and long lasting sales effects.

When measured for a variety of different sectors, cinema was proven to deliver an average ROI of £7.73 per £1, in comparison to £7.09 for TV.

Research has found that most brands under-invest in this medium, and could see growth in their total campaign ROI by increasing cinema spend.

Furthermore, with opportunities to test cinema at very low budget levels, brands that have existing video assets are in a prime position to test cinema.


What are you waiting for? Get in touch to see how cinema can work for you.

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30/01/22 in Blogs


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